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Flexible Conference Recording and Playback

Technology has placed near unlimited resources at our fingertips. With one click, you can watch any episode, read any article, or hear any song. Missing out is obsolete. The same now holds true in conferencing. Whether they missed the meeting or need to access content for review, the CONTEX Digital Record and Playback (CDRP) 3.0 system allows all participants to listen to conference playback at their convenience.

CDRP Standard Features

The CDRP can function as a stand-alone system or integrate seamlessly with the powerful CONTEX® Summit or Summit Olympus™ media processor.

It features a VoIP network interface and provides comprehensive control through an easyto-use, web-based interface. The software-based architecture runs in a Linux® operating system and facilitates growth by only requiring installation on Asterisk® server hardware.

  • Manual Record and Playback: During a conference, CDRP recording can be initiated at any time. Once recordings are stored in the system, authorized users can initiate playback.
  • Automatic Record and Playback: When integrated with the Summit or Olympus system, the CDRP can initiate recording or playback automatically.
  • Playback Control: The CDRP enables listeners to manage playback by skipping forward, backward, or returning to the beginning of a recording using DTMF commands.
  • Convenience: A listener can begin playback at any time – even as other participants are listening to the same recording.
  • Scalability: The CDRP features 24 ports of direct recording/playback capacity, which can be expanded to over 240 simultaneous direct audio connections. The web interface can scale up to 100 user connections.