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The Compunetix Collaboration Insider’s Top UC Trends for 2016

We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the communications marketplace – it comes from nearly 20 years working closely with collaboration service providers and designing platforms tailored to their every requirement and anticipating what will be successful, useful, and profitable in the future.  2015 has drawn to a close, and it’s time to take a look ahead to the trends and success stories that will make 2016 the best year yet for unified collaboration.

In 2016 look for:


High Definition Audio

It’s proven – high definition audio makes meetings less taxing. Users can hear accented voices more clearly, there’s less repetition, and confusions are kept to a minimum. Sub-par audio quality will be unacceptable in 2016; the collaboration marketplace has learned to expect more. There will also be breakthroughs in minimizing background noise for even more precise conferencing.

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Integrations/Streamlined Access to Collaboration through Existing Business Tools

The best-of-breed UC model is still going strong. Users need to be able to have it all – high quality audio through services that they already utilize; Skype for Business, for example, or WebEx. Collaboration platforms must be able to play in this space by being flexible and integrating with popular tools and software.

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Managed and Hosted Services

Sometimes it helps to rely on the experts, and it makes good business sense to build upon your core competencies while utilizing providers who are optimizing theirs. When deciding to move towards managed or hosted services for UC, it’s important to know your usage statistics, be aware of your down times, and look for redundancy.

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This category for cloud computing involves providing equipment as the basis for customized service development. You’ve got the hardware; option it out to developers for a fee. You’re maximizing your ROI and benefitting from a limitless new business model.

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2016 and beyond:


Accessible Collaboration via Wearables

Accessibility to your conference call is already on your mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Next up:  conferencing on your connected watch or wearable, secured hardware that’s always on, always along.


If you have thoughts or comments on UC in 2016, contact us at csdmarketing@compunetix.com.

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