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The Advantages of Compunetix JITC Solutions

JITC Certified


Compunetix has a long tradition of JITC certified equipment dating back to the early 2000’s. With systems ranging from 24 to 3,840 ports, we are the most scalable solution available on the APL (Approved Products List). Compunetix products are known for their reliability and longevity with systems boasting a reliability  rating of 99.9996%.  It is common for our equipment to last for 15 years or more. In fact, Compunetix is so confident in our products that we have instituted the only “Lifetime Support Guarantee” in the market. This all means that Compunetix provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Our JITC certified products offer the most extensive feature set available. The conferencing platform simultaneously supports multiple call flows such as passcode meet-me, blast-dialing and operator assisted. Our Windows Operator Client allows for advanced call control, diagnostics and on-the-fly audio adjustments. The ability to move conferees from conference to conference, mute and unmute lines, perform gain adjustments and initiate a sub-conference are just a few examples of the capabilities the Operator Client provides.


Audio quality is an often overlooked variable when considering an audio conferencing solution. Compunetix treats this as a critical element and we design our system from the outset to provide the best possible audio quality. We are a dedicated voice-processing platform. Because we control the technology down to the board level, we are able to reduce the time required to process summed voices to the absolute minimum while maintaining the highest voice quality. Many of our competitors get around the computational difficulties inherent in audio conferencing by utilizing software shortcuts such as talker slots, which result in clipped voices and poor audio quality. Compunetix uses a proprietary voice summation algorithm, which provides N-talker capabilities up to an unlimited number of talkers. The Compunetix approach to system design results in superior audio quality, which in turn results in a more natural sounding meeting with decreased listener fatigue and increased comprehension.


The Compunetix conferencing platform is very flexible. Our JITC certified solution integrates with E-911 Dispatch and Emergency Alerting systems to extend their capabilities. For instance, some parties of an emergency alert are given  the option of joining a conference to resolve the issue by simply pressing a DTMF sequence. In addition, emergency responders are joined  in a conference call to facilitate communications between disparate responders in a situation such as a lockdown or active shooter.

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