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Collaboration Solutions

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Beyond our focus on high security and reliability, one of the primary strengths of our audio, web, and video solutions is their extensive feature sets, engineered to embrace unique business processes and industry specific workflows. From tools for real-time call management and video call transfering to our flexible deployment options, each solution can be easily customized to meet your organization individual requirements. Review some of our existing vertical solutions below, but don’t stop there; if you don’t see your industry listed, we’d love to discuss how we can help meet your unique needs.

Healthcare Collaboration

Our suite of healthcare collaboration solutions are designed to enhance and expand options for patient care, as well as streamline internal hospital operations like patient transfer, triage and admissions. In addition to meeting HIPAA compliance requirements, these tools all offer user-friendly and brandable interfaces, that allow them to integrate seamlessly with existing applications and processes.

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Courts & Legal Collaboration

This powerful and highly secure set of audio and video solutions are helping local, state, and federal courts address the ongoing backlog of cases. With a variety of features engineered specifically for the courts and legal offices, these applications easily integrate into existing infrastructures and offer unmatched reliability and security needed to maintain seamless operations.

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JITC Certified

Maintaining our commitment to high security and reliability, Compunetix has a long working history with government and military markets. We offer a number of powerful communication tools that are JITC Certified and currently used by the Department of Defense and multiple other government agencies.

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Executive Call Management

While standard “one-size-fits-all” solutions may work just fine for the day-to-day collaboration efforts of non-executive employees, executive-level meetings require higher security, quality, and support standards to ensure they run smoothly and remain private and uninterrupted.

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Emergency Communications

This unique solution set offers advanced communication abilities to streamline emergency response and notification efforts. While applicable in almost any industry, it is most often utilized by energy and utility or transportation organizations (airports, mass public transit, etc.)

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Energy & Utility Communications

For energy and utility companies, having the critical conferencing infrastructure available is a must. Our reliable conferencing solutions eliminate the need to spend time and valuable resources resolving the issue one department at a time.

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Financial Trading Communications

For financial environments, our trading solutions combine system flexibility with a robust application suite to provide quick and reliable communication. This comprehensive solution not only offers advanced security features, but also replicates traditional hoot ‘n holler environments with 24/7 open lines for ’round-the-clock’ access to trading activities.

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Distance Learning

Our distance learning solution delivers expanded access for universities and corporations looking to provide instant educational courses through virtual and telephonic channels. With audio, web, and video options, this user-friendly solution enables convenient and reliable access to lectures, seminars and training sessions from anywhere, at any time.

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