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Rack Mount

HAI-12 / HAI-12 II

The HAI-12 and HAI-12 II are designed for use in Class I, Division II hazardous locations where explosive gases are present, such as rocket launch pads. These units are certified to meet Class I, Div II by an independent third-party …

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The TRI D6 and TRI D6 II feature dual 6.2 inch touch screens in a 2U rack mount enclosure. The low profile and high line key density of these consoles make them especially suited for control rooms. They run GT …

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The TRI-6 features a 6.2 inch touch screen housed in a 2U rack mount enclosure. It is a simple and cost-effective solution for black-only or red-only applications. The TRI-6 includes an LCD with an extra-wide viewing angle, handset hook, blue …

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SRI-12 / SRI-12 II

The SRI 12 and SRI 12 II feature a 12 inch touch screen in a 5U rack mount enclosure. They are rack mount versions of the SDI-12 and SDI-12II. These consoles run GT software and display 4 pages of 24 …

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