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The GT-PC is a black-only or red-only user console that consists of a standard PC running Compunetix’ GT user interface software. It displays 4 pages of 48 line keys (192 total). The PC connects with the MVP switch via an …

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The CDI 22 II features a 22 inch widescreen display in an all-in-one PC coupled with an SDAP. This console was specifically developed for airspace control applications and exhibits the full capabilities of the GTX graphical user interface. Each of …

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This console family features a 13 inch widescreen display coupled through an IP network with a DAP or SDAP. The console utilizes a customizable GTX graphical user interface. Each of its 250 pages can be configured with a background image …

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CDI-17 / CDI-17 II

The CDI 17 and CDI 17 II feature a 17 inch touch screen coupled with a Compunetix DAP or SDAP and a PC. The CDI is identical to the TDI, except that the GT software runs on the PC. This …

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TDI-17 / TDI-17 II

The TDI 17 and TDI 17 II feature a sturdy 17 inch touch screen coupled with a Compunetix DAP or SDAP. These consoles have a roomy display for ease of use and a large number of line keys. They run …

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TDI-7 / TDI-7 II

The TDI 7 and the TDI 7 II feature a 7 inch touch screen coupled with a Compunetix DAP or SDAP. These consoles are intended for crowded workstations or cramped locations where space is at a premium. The 7” display …

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The SDI-7 features a 7 inch touch screen housed in a custom ABS plastic enclosure with a hinged rear leg. It is an attractive and cost-effective solution for black-only or red-only applications. Design features include an LCD with extra-wide viewing …

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SDI-12 / SDI-12 II

The SDI 12 and the SDI 12 II feature a 12 inch touch screen in a sleek-looking and sturdy enclosure. The screen angle can be adjusted by rotating the hinged rear leg. These consoles run GT software and provide the …

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