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Rock Solid Tech Solutions Amid COVID-19

Most organizations and their employees have been working remotely for weeks now in an effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic. As companies and their employees settle into to their temporary displacement, different stages of working from home are emerging.

First, there was a massive push to facilitate remote work for employees that were traditionally on-site. This entailed making sure employees had the necessary equipment and access to be productive at home. Second, collaboration tools and systems were arranged for team communication. One of the most important aspects of remote work on a large scale is consistent and clear communication.

Most experts believe that we are in the third stage of remote work: examining optimization, efficiency, and security. How are the enterprise systems and tools that organizations rely on functioning with a distributed workforce? With almost everyone working from home, systems are experiencing heavy usage, and some are being attacked daily, often by the minute. System failures and security breaches are pushing organizations to seek tech solutions to ensure efficient and secure team collaboration.

Compunetix can help. Our current customers are describing our systems as “rock-solid” under peak loads while maintaining security and privacy. Compunetix is the leading developer of converged video, voice, conferencing applications, and data collaboration for the service provider, government, and corporate enterprise markets – all of which require robust and reliable security. Combined with world-class support and innovative professional services, Compunetix can help businesses ensure safe, reliable, and optimal collaboration during the pandemic and in the future.

As we prepare to go back to work, many are asking, how will the corona virus change business practices in the future? Global workplace analytics show that 56% of employees worldwide can successfully work from home. Furthermore, according to a Gartner survey, 74% of CFOs expect to move more employees to remote work permanently. Because of this, many businesses are revisiting their contingency plans and rightfully so.

One clear goal is to avoid the current “growing pains” caused by the rapid shift to remote work. Organizations also need stronger internal communication and management systems along with more robust security requirements. With Compunetix “rock-solid” systems in place, organizations can confidently operate under any stressors. Let us help you stay securely connected!

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