Mission User Consoles

Command and Control

Compunetix has the widest selection of user consoles in the mission voice industry. These consoles have been specifically designed for real-time command and control environments to enable quick access to unclassified and classified voice assets. Every user console includes a speaker (internal or external), at least two headset/handset jacks, foot switch, and built-in diagnostic capabilities. The display on each console is individually customizable, giving users the ability to see a unique set of function buttons and conference line keys. Consoles connect via IP and/or T1 to Compunetix’ MVP mission voice switch.

Most user console models are available in integrated red/black (classified/unclassified) and single color (i.e. black-only or red-only) configurations. Part numbers for red/black consoles end in “II”. All red/black console designs have been tested for TEMPEST/2-95 compliance by an NSA-certified laboratory.

  • Monitor – monitor over 200 red and black conferences simultaneously
  • Join/Unjoin – join conferences together so all parties hear each other (e.g. patch phone to radio)
  • Broadcast – transmit and receive in multiple conferences simultaneously
  • Gain – adjust received volume per conference
  • Spatial Audio – assign conference to one of many directions
  • Call Queue – manage incoming intercom, phone, shoutdown, and radio calls
  • Focus – temporarily boost volume of conference of interest
  • Voice Activity – real time and recent activity display
  • Phone Book – speed dial intercom and phone parties
  • Conference Detail – view and manage conference participants
  • Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) integration – use STE-R devices from user consoles
  • Secure Radio Integration – use radios in plaintext and ciphertext modes
  • User Roles – turn features on/off per user role
  • Color Coding – customize line key color
  • Tagout – indicate conference status on line keys
  • Integrated Red/Black – access red and black voice assets