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Mission User Consoles

Command and Control

Compunetix has the widest selection of user consoles in the mission voice industry. These consoles have been specifically designed for real-time command and control environments to enable quick access to unclassified and classified voice assets. Every user console includes a speaker (internal or external), at least two headset/handset jacks, foot switch, and built-in diagnostic capabilities. The display on each console is individually customizable, giving users the ability to see a unique set of function buttons and conference line keys. Consoles connect via IP and/or T1 to Compunetix’ MVP mission voice switch.

Most user console models are available in integrated red/black (classified/unclassified) and single color (i.e. black-only or red-only) configurations. Part numbers for red/black consoles end in “II”. All red/black console designs have been tested for TEMPEST/1-13 compliance by an NSA-certified laboratory.

  • Monitor – monitor over 200 red and black conferences simultaneously
  • Join/Unjoin – join conferences together so all parties hear each other (e.g. patch phone to radio)
  • Broadcast – transmit and receive in multiple conferences simultaneously
  • Gain – adjust received volume per conference
  • Spatial Audio – assign conference to one of many directions
  • Call Queue – manage incoming intercom, phone, shoutdown, and radio calls
  • Focus – temporarily boost volume of conference of interest
  • Voice Activity – real time and recent activity display
  • Phone Book – speed dial intercom and phone parties
  • Conference Detail – view and manage conference participants
  • Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) integration – use STE-R devices from user consoles
  • Secure Radio Integration – use radios in plaintext and ciphertext modes
  • User Roles – turn features on/off per user role
  • Color Coding – customize line key color
  • Tagout – indicate conference status on line keys
  • Integrated Red/Black – access red and black voice assets

Desktop Consoles

Compunetix offers desktop touchscreen mission consoles of various sizes that can be easily moved to accommodate changing workstation configurations. Some models are VESA mountable. Three touchscreen sizes are available (8 inch diagonal, 10 inch diagonal, and 15 inch diagonal). All desktop mission consoles operate on standard 120V input power. Each desktop mission console can be equipped with up to four headsets or handsets via dual jack boxes with LED indicators and independent left and right volume controls.
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Rack Mount Consoles

Compunetix offers 2U and 3U rack mount touchscreen mission consoles that can be installed in standard 19 inch equipment racks. Alternatively, these mission consoles can be installed in office furniture equipped with a 19 inch mounting recess. Brackets are provided for installing rack mount mission console equipment in other locations such as underneath the desktop. All rack mount mission consoles operate on standard 120V input power. Each rack mount mission console can be equipped with up to four headsets or handsets via dual jack boxes with LED indicators and independent left and right volume controls.
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Red-Black Consoles

Compunetix’s Mission Voice Platform (MVP) and its TEMPEST-certified mission consoles are designed to meet the red/black communications control requirements for classified facilities. The MVP maintains two independent, isolated voice networks (red and black). Compunetix manufactures two types of mission consoles that interface with these voice networks: Type I mission consoles, which interface with only one voice network (red only or black only) and Type II mission consoles, which interface with both the red voice network and the black voice network. The Secure Digital Audio Processor (SDAP) is the component of the Type II mission consoles that maintains separation between red and black.

This purpose-built equipment is designed with special security features that meet RMF and NIST SP 800-53 controls from the ground up. System redundancy is designed into both the chassis and board-level architecture of the MVP and Compunetix mission consoles, upholding the guiding principle of no single point of failure. Furthermore, mission consoles are dual-homed. That is, they can interface with two independent MVP platforms for redundancy and continuity of operations.
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Compunetix offers numerous accessories for customizing your mission console. For example, Compunetix offers the MC Jack Box, which can be used to increase the number of end user positions at a mission console. The MC Jack Box has left and right headset interface jacks, each with an independent volume control, an LED ring indicator, and a talk-on-red LED indicator. Another accessory is the Compunetix 4-STAR, an analog to IP gateway that interfaces analog equipment such as radios with the MVP via IP media networks. Other accessories include a broad selection of third party footswitches, handsets, and headsets. Headset options include dual long frame connectors (polarized or non-polarized) or LEMO connectors; PTT, dual PTT, and PTS options; and noise cancelling voice circuits.
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