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Flexible Licensing with Compunetix ConferenceBurst

Do you find your business investing in excessive conferencing capacity simply to make room for monthly or quarterly “all-hands” meetings or other infrequent high-capacity needs? Compunetix has found many enterprise customers faced with a choice of implementing over-provisioned systems in order to fulfill the occasional unusually large meeting, or signing a port capacity contract based on the same peak time requirements, despite the fact that their day-to-day capacity needs are much lower. This is why Compunetix provides capacity flexibility with ConferenceManager® ConferenceBurst.


Compunetix ConferenceBurst is an innovative ConferenceManager feature that works around standard capacity limitations and allows you to scale your system beyond its provisioned capacity, in real time, as needed. With this feature, you purchase system licenses based only on normal day-to-day capacity needs but have the ability to “burst” beyond owned or hosted licenses to make room for additional participants when larger conferences or events need to take place. This feature is just another way in which Compunetix challenges industry standards and offers unmatched flexibility to help reduce the cost of collaboration in your organization.


Key Benefits of ConferenceBurst:

  • Expandable from 24 to 1000’s of ports of audio and web conferencing
  • Leverages internal ConferenceManager infrastructure and resources to reduce costs
  • No contracts or separate conferencing applications required
  • Supports unpredictable conferencing usage patterns
  • Ports will always be available for use and reservations
  • Rapid Return on Investment


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