Experience HD Voice with Summit Olympus

HD Voice

When it comes to one on one phone conversations, high definition is a great perk, though it is not necessarily crucial for successful communication. The opposite is true when it comes to conference calls. While many have managed using standard definition audio up to this point, it hasn’t come without its many insufficiencies.


We have become used to its patchy quality and have adapted as needed, but as mobile collaboration has become more and more embedded in our day-to-day work environment, standard definition just doesn’t cut it anymore. Every day, thousands of people are joining conference calls for important meetings, presentations, and discussions where clear, crisp voice quality is crucial.


In fact, HD audio allows for better delivery of information, more accurate processing of data, reduced auditory fatigue, and a better, more natural experience for all parties. This is why Compunetix is leading the conferencing and collaboration industry with a new HD Voice standard through the powerful Summit Olympus™ platform. While some carriers have made mobile to mobile HD calls possible, traditional landlines and mobile phones often don’t have the capability of providing HD quality. So, when joining a conference call, how do we maintain call quality for participants who have HD Voice and improve call quality for those who do not?


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The Summit Olympus provides multiple access points for callers who would like to experience their conference in HD. For mobile participants, our engineers have created an HD Voice application that can be downloaded to your mobile device for access to conference calls and crystal clear communication. For participants joining from their desk, callers can join using the Olympus web interface. Read more on HD Voice here.


While phone carriers catch up with the demand for HD audio, the Summit Olympus provides a work around for those who recognize the value in simplifying collaboration with a clear connection. With these accessible options, more callers have the ability to experience HD Voice quality, allowing better overall experience for majority of callers.


Additional applications from the Compunetix portfolio offer similar HD quality for all types of conference calls or events. Check out our EventMeet™ and ConnectNow™ applications for streamlined access to large HD quality event calls.


Like what you read here? Stay tuned for our findings from a recent HD Audio study, in cooperation with Wainhouse Research.