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Emergency Conferencing Workflows and Mass Notification


One of the unique, but powerful, features Compunetix offers across our audio communication and collaborations platforms is Emergency Conferencing & Notification. With the ability to easily initiate mass dial outs to designated emergency groups and services, immediately joining them into a conference, this tool has become increasingly popular among all types of customers, industry verticals, and emergency situations. It is available as a feature add-on and as a stand-alone solution or service. Here are some ways it is used:

Airports & Mass Transportation: Implemented as the primary emergency communication tool for multiple airports and mass transit systems, emergency conferencing offers the dynamic ability to connect all necessary emergency personnel using its blast dial out capability. It can also integrate into and notify police and fire station services for coordinated response efforts.

Executives: When a corporate crisis takes place, our blast dial functionality can quickly dial out to and connect C-Level and Executive parties to communicate and collaborate response efforts. Pre-established emergency lists remove the possibility of confusion in the midst of chaos and the automatic dial out helps to avoid any issues getting necessary parties to join.

Energy & Utilities: For energy and utility companies, outages can happen at any time, and when they do, an organized and rapid response is key. Emergency conferencing quickly connects the response team to coordinate and begin service restoration. Many energy and utility customers strengthen their response with multi-site deployments of Compunetix Emergency Conferencing so that even in the event of a natural disaster they can assure that emergency communications and coordination will be available.

Natural Disasters: During natural disasters, Emergency Conferencing helps to provide timely and efficient notification to keeping employees and customers informed and to enable damage control or response efforts to begin. For those who need it, this tool can also integrate with emergency services allowing for an even more coordinated response in a time of crisis.

Active Shooter: For any school or business, effective emergency response and notification in the event of an active shooter is critical to saving lives. In these situations, this system can simultaneously initiate communication among emergency response teams, alert emergency services, and deliver pre-recorded notifications to vulnerable groups.

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