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Distance Learning with Compunetix

Teenage Distance Learning

Classrooms across the country, from kindergarten to colleges, are embracing distance learning as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep communities safe. The mechanics of online learning can be daunting, leaving some districts and organizations scrambling to find the right solution for their faculty and students.

The Compunetix Distance Learning solution provides a reliable and secure tool for educators to conduct lectures or collaborative classroom experiences. Combining the powerful ConferenceManager with our dynamic operator software, Compunetix delivers a robust solution for schools, universities, and corporations looking to provide instant, reliable access to lectures, seminars, and training sessions through virtual and telephonic channels. Educators can easily manage their individual classes, while Help Desk Operators monitor all live classes, place or move incoming student callers to their correct “classroom,” and respond to any potential requests for assistance.

Robust functionality features:

  • Full management of live, scheduled, and ad-hoc distance learning sessions
  • Supports multiple help desk system operators
  • Operator screening provides an added layer of call security
  • Easily drag and drop students into their classes
  • Intuitive management of live break-out sessions
  • Supports ad-hoc dial-out to students and instructors
  • Fully web-based application

Compunetix will seamlessly transition your organization from in-person learning to advanced online learning, keeping communities safe while furthering your students’ education. Compunetix offers reliable, secure, and advanced solutions for all levels of learning. Contact us for more information.

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