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Conferencing on the Go

As the summer season winds to a close, beach vacations come to an end, and the kids return to school, the demanding grind of the work week can sometimes place a strain on our work-life balance. Work commitments inevitably roll into our personal lives and conflicting schedules can become a real issue. Rather than trying to squeeze soccer practice and an after-hours international client meeting into your already hectic schedule, you can use the personalized Compunetix collaboration solutions that enable you to easily conference on-the-go. Using the robust mobile capabilities of the Olympus HD App, EventMeet™, Companion, and EVERGREENCloud products, Compunetix has a solution for any mobile conferencing need.


Our mobile audio conferencing products, the Olympus HD App and EventMeet, provide users with the ability to join calls without the burden of actually being at the meeting. CONTEX EventMeet is a specialized web application that streamlines caller entry into managed event conferences. It gives parties an unprecedented access point from which they can instantly join the call via mobile, PC, or their own specified dialout. Conferencees can also connect using our recently released Olympus Secure HD App which lets you instantly access your next meeting from anywhere, at any time, with encrypted crystal clear high definition (HD) audio. With Olympus HD, you can start and host your conference with a single push of a button.Compunetix Mobile Collaboration


Compunetix also offers an array of mobile video conferencing solutions. EVERGREENCloud allows you to quickly and easily experience the latest Compunetix video conferencing solutions based on the EVERGREEN multipoint video technology. EVERGREENCloud was developed to leverage new WebRTC browser capabilities and deliver the best video quality and reliability no matter how large the video event. EVERGREENCloud guarantees the easiest multipoint connectivity and the most reliable interoperability with no download required. A second video solution, the Companion Video Suite, offers mobile, desktop, and web clients for common, consistent multipoint video. Companion seamlessly interfaces with the EVERGREEN MCU to allow users to connect to and manage conferences without the help of an operator. In an instant, you can initiate your conference and immediately participate in face-to-face collaboration.


A healthy work-life balance can make all the difference in our lives. At home and at the office, it is important that we remain committed to a state of mental and physical equilibrium so as not to cause unwanted stress or burnout.


So why choose between watching your kids build sandcastles or scoring their first goals versus meeting with a prospective client for work? With Compunetix collaboration solutions you can break the boundaries of conventional conferencing!

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