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The Next Generation of Customer Engagement

Compunetix WebRTC Video Call Center™

In today’s highly connected environment, live assistance on the web is quite common, though it is often lacking in terms of providing a satisfying customer experience. While chat-bots and other automated technologies have improved greatly over the years, they are often too impersonal. As we continue to rely more and more on remote assistance and virtual communication, the standards have changed and people must be confident that this technology can be trusted to be the equivalent to a direct personal encounter. In addition, the remote communications we are having are becoming more complex. From virtual doctor visits to banking, and even insurance, real-time web and video communication must reach beyond institutional walls and into the lives of the customer.


Compunetix recently developed a new WebRTC Video Call Center to satisfy this need for a richer customer support experience. Compunetix’s Video Call Center, based on WebRTC technology is a web video call transfer solution that offers a reliable, customizable, and intuitive solution for those ready to take the leap into the next generation of high quality remote video communications with patients and customers alike.


Intended to be utilized as an agent assisted tool to connect customers to doctors, company representatives, support staff, etc., Compunetix Video Call Center provides an intuitive video interface for both the customer and company agents/representatives screens of each call. See below for examples:


Agent/Representative View

The agent and company representatives can securely connect to the Video Call Center with their unique user name and password.


The Agent web interface is broken into three primary panels that allow the Agent to view incoming calls, video chat with callers, and transfer callers to the appropriate representative. The left panel is the incoming call queue and displays incoming calls as well as active calls. From this panel the Agent can also see specific details about each call (i.e. hold time, call time, etc.). The center panel is an HD video panel, where the caller and agent video feeds will be displayed. The right panel lists all the company representatives (for examples doctors for a healthcare organization, policy agents for an insurance company, bank agents etc.) and indicates their status (available, busy, online, offline, etc.), allowing calls to easily be transferred as needed. The agent may also share screens, leave calls, chat, mute, hold, and more (these functionalities can be easily customized for each implementation). In addition to managing and tracking connected callers, the back-end infrastructure provides an intuitive and feature rich interface to access real time statistics and reports to support the administrator.


Video Call Center: Example Agent View
Video Call Center: Example Agent View


Caller View

The customer can easily initiate the video call with one click, from the browser without any download.


As a caller initiates a video call with a company agent/representative, the primary function of the interface is to display a clear and crisp video feed allowing for an easy, secure (encrypted) and a more personal customer experience. Callers may share screens, mute, and more, though those functions can be easily disabled if unnecessary for the application’s purpose.


Video Call Center: Example Customer View
Video Call Center: Example Customer View


Benefits of Compunetix WebRTC platform

  • Easy Customization – For many companies who will use this platform as an integration within pre-existing applications and/or websites, it is important to maintain their brand identity. Compunetix Video Call Center WebRTC tool can be easily customized to fit Customer’s logo and color scheme, blending seamlessly with the existing brand. Even the application features (i. chat, screen sharing, language, etc.) can be easily enabled or disabled based on the Customer’s needs.
  • Call Recording – Video calls can be recorded for later review and archiving.
  • No Downloads Required – This tool does not require any plug-ins or downloads to use, allowing customers and patients to quickly and easily connect to agents/representatives without being detoured by an installation process.
  • Security – For most applications in which Video Call Center will be utilized, security is a major factor. Doctor visits or banking calls require the utmost certainty that the information being shared and discussed is secure and will not be compromised. For this reason, this solution is deployed with a SRTP encrypted video, audio and signal connection, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the communication.
  • Audio and Video Quality – Hosted on the EVERGREEN platform, Compunetix Video Call Center provides a high definition (HD) audio and video experience for the users.. The result is a more pleasant and natural customer interaction, equivalent to a direct personal encounter.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – This solution is offered with flexible deployment options. Based on which option works best within customer infrastructure, the Video Call Center is available either as an on-premise or cloud solution.


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