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Compunetix WebRTC Video Call Center – Unique Industry Applications

Video Call Center Interface

Compunetix recently developed a new WebRTC Video Call Center to satisfy this need for a richer customer support experience. Intended to be utilized as an agent assisted tool to connect customers to doctors, company representatives, support staff, etc., Compunetix Video Call Center provides a user-friendly and comprehensive video interface for both the customer and company agents/representatives. Based on WebRTC technology, this web video call transfer solution offers a reliable, customizable and intuitive solution for those ready to take the leap into the next generation of remote high quality video communications with patients and customers alike. Below, we review some of the unique industry applications for which this solution was intended at its conception.


Within the Healthcare industry this solution can be used as a tool to facilitate virtual doctor to provide prevention and wellness counseling outside the clinic visit and better serve rural communities. Utilizing an agent to intercept incoming patient callers and direct them to available doctors, this tool is an efficient and personalized solution to allow patients and doctors to conveniently connect for evaluations or diagnosis. This solution can be securely embedded into a healthcare portal, for example see screen below:


Using the Compunetix solution in the banking industry could greatly assist customers and banking agents to easily and securely discuss sensitive personal banking information, helping to re-create the in-person, local bank branch experience from wherever customers are. High Quality Video Call interaction is critical when dealing with complex banking account issues or complicated retirement or tax questions, minimizing the frustration of text chats and navigating automated phone trees.


Within the insurance industry, using video calls as the primary form of face-to-face communication between agents and customers allows for a more clear and personalized interaction. Agents may transfer customers to other insurance agents if needed or put customers on hold to enlist further assistance from a supervisor as necessary.

Benefits of Compunetix WebRTC Platform

  • Easy Customization – For many companies who will use this platform as an integration within pre-existing applications and/or websites, it is important to maintain their brand identity. The Compunetix Video Call Center WebRTC tool can be easily customized to fit customer’s logo and color scheme, blending seamlessly with the existing brand. Even the application features (i. chat, screen sharing, language, etc.) can be easily enabled or disabled based on the customer’s needs.
  • Call Recording – Video calls can be recorded for later review and archiving.
  • No Downloads Required – This tool does not require any plug-ins or downloads to use, allowing customers and patients to quickly and easily connect to agents/representatives without being detoured by an installation process.
  • Security – For most applications in which Video Call Center will be utilized, security is a major factor. Doctor visits or banking calls require the utmost certainty that the information being shared and discussed is secure and will not be compromised. For this reason, this solution is deployed with a SRTP encrypted video, audio and signal connection, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the communication.
  • Audio and Video Quality – Hosted on the EVERGREEN platform, Compunetix Video Call Center provides a high definition (HD) audio and video experience for the users. The result is a more pleasant and natural customer interaction, equivalent to a direct personal encounter.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – This solution is offered with flexible deployment options. Based on which option works best within customer infrastructure, Video Call Center is available either as an on-premise or cloud solution.

For additional content on Compunetix WebRTC Video Call Center, email Antonio Capodieci

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