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Compunetix Crisis Management Solutions

As recent severe weather episodes have shown us, tragedy can strike at any time. In emergency situations, maintaining consistent and reliable channels of communication is an absolute necessity. This is where Compunetix can help.


Compunetix offers the industry’s most robust and dependable emergency conferencing system, the ConferenceManager2. With features such as Blast Dial, the CM2 allows first responders to rapidly connect with one another with minimal effort. When an emergency occurs the first responder picks up a dedicated phone which instantly creates a conference and triggers a blast dial‐out to other members of the response team. When each team member is called they can be joined directly to the emergency conference in progress.


The ConferenceManager2 has been the long-time provider across multiple industries and sectors that require a mission critical communication platform. With support for standard integrations including SIP, PRI and “hoot-n-holler” systems, the ConferenceManager2 is a turnkey bridge solution that ensures your team can triage emergencies as needed, with ease.


Contact us to learn more about our crisis management solutions.

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