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Compunetix Celebrated Engineering Week 2017

Jason Tost entertains the engineering crowd with his presentation about re-igniting your engineering fire.

In order to commemorate and kick-off national Engineering Week at Compunetix, the divisional engineering teams put together a series of noontime Lunch and Learn sessions for all employees. Three sessions were held last week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to inform and spark discussion around areas of Compunetix collaboration development.


Jim Klueber conducting Engineering Week Lunch and Learn session on Feb 21, 2017 on the topic of WebRTC.
Jim Klueber conducting Engineering Week Lunch and Learn session on Feb 21, 2017 on the topic of WebRTC.

Jim Klueber started off the series on Tuesday, Feb 21st with a captivating look at emerging WebRTC technologies.  The Video Systems Division (VSD) has been embracing WebRTC to add video client flexibility and to pull real-time audio and video through standard browsers, while simultaneously working through the EVERGREEN MCU.


Jim explained the evolution of the Companion Web product and how this WebRTC client can enable VSD to craft and deliver specialized and customized video solutions across a collection of industry segments.


The Wednesday afternoon session was a lively presentation by Chris Jenko and Sundar Venkatesh, both of the Communications Systems Division (CSD), in regards to mobile application development.  The two spent time discussing their efforts with the recently released Olympus Secure HD application.


3rd floor lunch room at 2420 Mosside Blvd during Chris Jenko and Sundar Venkatesh engineering week discussion about Mobile Application Development
3rd floor lunch room during Chris Jenko and Sundar Venkatesh engineering week discussion about Mobile Application Development

Sundar gave a general overview of the mobile application to set the stage for a discussion on its intent.  He explained how the provider code changes the theme and connect information for the application.


Lastly, Chris took a deeper dive into the methods used by the Olypus HD app for call encryption, both media and signaling.


On Thursday the 23rd, the series shifted gears and offered up a little something different for the audience.  Rather than another deep technical dive on products, Federal Systems Division engineer Jason Tost used his time talk about his deep-seated love of engineering and related technologies.  Jason entitled his presentation, “Pacman, Pi and Pizza box Robots: Rediscovering your Passion for Engineering.”


This unique talk was well received by the audience of technical engineers looking for a little humor.  Jason reviewed some of the latest hobbyist toolsets and systems such as the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino development kits and related stories of working on projects with his children to introduce basic robotic concepts.  Jason also discussed  how some of that personal effort also informed his professional work in embedded software.


Jason Tost's "homemade" robots
Jason Tost’s “homemade” robots

In addition to his very capable storytelling, Jason also brought into the session a couple of the robotic end results that he and his children constructed.


“Jason’s talk was especially entertaining and compelling. He showed us how he and his family interact with accessible, personal devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, engaging them in joyfully learning about new technology,” explained CSD engineer and audience member Jon Webb.


Compunetix would like to once again thank the speakers of last week’s seminars and we look forward to future Lunch and Learn sessions moving ahead.

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