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Compunetix Adaptive Background Noise Suppression Improves Call Clarity

Digital Background Noise

Conference calls are an easy and efficient way to communicate with colleagues, teams, clients, educators, and more. With millions of employees working from home, conference calls are at peak utilization, but with any technology, audio and video conferencing have their downside. Technical failures, background noise, and lack of familiarity with the technology are disruptors that can impact the effectiveness of a virtual meeting. Compunetix is pleased to announce the development of ADAPTIVE Background Noise Suppression (BNS). The new background noise suppression enhancements will automatically detect and filter out ambient noises that frequently disrupt conferences. The Summit Olympus system software has also been modified to allow an operator to control BNS for participants. This feature is intended to address disruptive audio issues in a conference, giving users an unparalleled experience.

Noise suppression technology itself is not new, but in a conferencing atmosphere there is an endless list of variables that can complicate its application. For example, applying background noise suppression to ALL participants indiscriminately across an entire a conference call can degrade the overall audio experience. With Compunetix’s advanced background noise suppression technology, only noise disruptions will be eliminated, allowing for clear, high-quality HD audio.

Adaptive Background Noise Suppression Benefits:

  • Increases audio quality
  • Increases comprehension
  • Removes distractions & disruptions
  • Keeps audience focused
  • Lowers auditory fatigue
  • Allows & enables use from a wider variety of locations

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