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Combining Collaboration and Alerting for Energy and Utilities

The value of voice is incalculable. When combined with full-scale alerting capabilities, chosen personnel can be instantly notified of any emergencies and joined together in real-time to discuss options, make decisions, and resolve problems.


For energy and utility companies, meeting recovery time objectives during an outage is key to meeting the needs of customers. In these situations, having the proper conferencing infrastructure available is critical. Our reliable conferencing solutions eliminate the need to spend time and valuable resources resolving the issue one department at a time. With Compunetix, it is easier than ever for energy and utility providers to manage crisis and share important information efficiently and effectively.


Emergency and Alerting Tools for Incident Management

Blast Dial – When any individual from a specified Emergency Group dials a static emergency number, the ConferenceManager2 system recognizes that number and immediately triggers a BlastDial call to the other members of that group.

  • Supports an Unlimited Number of Emergency Groups
  • Up to three (3) Phone Numbers per Person
  • Automatic Call Recording and Storage
  • No User Input to Initiate Emergency BlastDial
  • System can BlastDial Up to (200) Personnel Within a Group

High Availability – Compunetix solutions offer a high availability option for additional protection against the unexpected. These provisions ensure 24/7 availability by proactively detecting failure signatures and switching to a hot standby server before a failure can cause downtime. With built-in replication, WAN optimization, continuous availability, disaster recovery and data protection capabilities, our high availability offer provides the most comprehensive protection and guarantee that recovery teams will be able to communicate and respond effectively to disasters.


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