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Evolving Healthcare Communications

Healthcare systems encompass an immense network of resources. Coordinating communication between hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals, and auxiliary support services can present some of the most daunting technical challenges of any industry. In addition to managing these logistics, there are ever-present requirements to reduce costs, increase productivity, protect patient confidentiality, and to bridge the gap between the patient and the proper care that they deserve. At Compunetix, we help to increase collaboration capabilities so that patients can have better care at a lower cost.

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Video Call Center (VCC) for healthcare is a web-based solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. Intended to be utilized as an agent-assisted tool, the Compunetix Video Call Center seamlessly connects patients, doctors, support staff, and more. Its easy-to-use video interface streamlines communication and simplifies the virtual assistance experience for all users. VCC for Healthcare helps to pave the way for healthy and thriving communities by granting patients instantaneous and simplified access to medical professionals while mitigating population health concerns such as access, transportation, aging, poverty, and scheduling concerns.

For the price, customer service, onboarding, training, and initiation, you couldn’t find a better or easier product

– Angela Ammons, CEO, Clinch Memorial Hospital

Compunetix has recently partnered with KIOSK Information Systems to deliver VCC to the healthcare community via touchless, voice-activated digital kiosks. Rather than waiting for help and further constraining limited resources, patients can use a kiosk to get instant, face-to-face virtual assistance. This digital approach to patient care is gaining adoption as a preferred mode of communication as more people opt for the direct connection and convenience that technology provides.

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