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3D Spatial Audio by Compunetix

Mission environments often require a mission specialist to listen to multiple voice sources simultaneously. The specialist’s ability to accurately distinguish a particular comment or conversation from among several others can be crucial to mission success. A patented U.S. Air Force 3D audio technology can appreciably improve voice recognition and intelligibility in command and control rooms. Jon Hamrahi, Compunetix Federal Systems Division Sales Manager, informs us on the benefits of spatial audio in the following interview:

  1. What is 3D spatial audio and how does it work? Maybe some background on it?

    3D spatial audio allows voice sources, or audio inputs, to sound like they are located in different locations around the listener’s head using a standard headset. Users can independently assign any audio source to any one of nine spatial positions. The 3D spatial technology used in the Compunetix MVP (Mission Voice Platform) is under exclusive license from the US Air Force. This technology was developed by the Air Force Human Factors Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and has been specifically designed for use in mission environments.

  2. How does spatial audio improve mission success?

    Real-time command and control environments levy huge demands on participants. Extensive testing and user feedback has verified 3D spatial audio technology increases the speed and accuracy of audio recognition and improves work performance by making it easier to distinguish audio sources based on spatial position. Users are more engaged, less fatigued, quicker to react to the demands of a mission environment.


  4. What are some applications and/or use cases for spatial audio?
    • Air Traffic Monitoring
    • Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)
    • Satellite Control
    • Launch Control
    • Testing
    • Training
    • Simulation

  6. Is there a certain direction this technology is going in the future?

    The precision with which the 3D spatial locations can be “located” in three dimensional space is directly related to the bandwidth of the audio sources. Compunetix is continuing to incorporate high definition audio (HD audio) across its product line. This higher fidelity voice will enable the use of ever better 3D spatial technology.

For more information on 3D Spatial Audio, contact Jon Hamrahi at Compunetix.

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